The Seven and a Half Seas Part Six




Odysseus                                                        Dracheis

Hades and Athena watch as Cerberus flings its chew toy across the cavern, that chew toy is the body of Sean. Dracheis, son of Athena and Hades watches from his perch atop a rocky pillar.

Suddenly! Odysseus appears at the feet of the Gods, “Odysseus!” bellows Hades, Cerberus drops Sean and runs to its master. Dracheis leaps from his perch spear in hand “you are not welcome here!”he says as he  lands at Athena’s side “I ask of you a favour” says Odysseus. Hades laughs “what makes you think you can ask favours of the Gods” he demands. Dracheis says “father, may I battle this foolish mortal? show him who’s boss?”. Hades never ignores a chance to punish mortals.
A spear and a  gnarled shield are thrown to Odysseus. Dracheis lunges immediately, Odysseus jumps to one side, the spear grazes Odysseus’s shoulder, Odysseus throws his spear at Dracheis, Dracheis ducks just in time and the spear falls over the edge of the cliff. Odysseus charges unarmed towards Dracheis. Dracheis thrusts his spear into Odysseus’s chest, but then Odysseus smashes his shield against Dracheis’s face, Dracheis stumbles backwards over the edge, Odysseus’s spear lay at the bottom tip up… That was the end of Dracheis, but Athena felt shame and pity so she transformed Dracheis into a baby tawny owl and banished him to the mortal world, he now live in the garden of a family of five. “I have slain your son and proven myself worthy, now let me return to my world with Sean” says Odysseus. Hades reluctantly agrees “you have made a very powerful enemy”.   With a flick of his hand Hades sends Odysseus and Sean back to the mortal world.


Ide and Zack trek through the jungle to find [edible] food and water. When Sean appears out of nothing. Sean feels discombobulated and dazed as if he had fell a long way and landed on his feet, his cloths are in tatters. “What the heck?” says Sean “how di- wheres Odysseus? Zack and Ide say together “up here” they look up and theres Odysseus dangling from a tree branch.


The seven and a half seas Part seven

Augustus V. Milk sits in on his sofa and plucks the tulip from the vase sitting on the coffee table and sniffs it. Augustus hated flowers they just seemed so smug! he marches over to the apartment window and chucks the tulip as far as possible.  Augustus is a short man with greasy black hair, he has a large nose, dull grey eyes, an accent and he is always wearing the most ugly shades of green. today, he was wearing a repulsive dark green coat with a matching hat, grey pants and leather gloves for the chilly autumn breeze. Augustus checks his watch, the watch is green with dollar signs at the end of the hands, “its 11:57!”   squeals Augustus, that means THE MACHINE is scheduled to land in thirty three minutes.

Cormac has messy brown hair, blue eyes, is the doctor of his team and the youngest, right now he sitting in the cockpit of THE MACHINE with a fuller belly than before stroking the fur of some sort of white fox when a screen is projected in front of him, on the screen is the same green suit wearing man who was there when they first encountered THE MACHINE “hello agent seeveen” says Augustus “seven? I thought I was two” exclaims Cormac “you thought wrrong” harrumphs  Augustus “who are you?” asks Cormac “oi am Augustus Milk! says Augustus “mil- Milk? Milk!” Cormac giggles quietly, Augustus yells”beeck I my day people rezpected their zuperiorz! only the profezzionals were sent out! but now al-” ” Mister Milk! why are you calling me?” interrupts Cormac, Augustus takes a deep breath “retrieve Tascal rogerz within tweenty nine minutes or we will leave you stranded out zere” says Augustus menacingly the screen disappears  and is replaced with a message saying “press the square shaped yellow button when you have him”. Cormac flies THE MACHINE into the sky, he sees a hunched figure walking uneasily away from him.

After thirty minutes or so of walking Tascal got used to having one leg, unfortunately he was paying so much attention to where he put his weight he didn’t notice THE MACHINE  hovering above him. Cormac hurries down the rope-ladder, Tascal turns to face him “you killed them!” yells Cormac “no I didn’t… well at least I didn’t mean to!  how do I know you   didn’t  blow us up!” Tascal replies  “I did” says a sinister voice, Zack steps out from behind a tall fern Zack has some sort of visor with a screen on it. in front of his eyes, a pistol in one hand and a glove on the other, “Zack? but why? ” says Cormac in awe “didn’t see that coming did you?” says Zack maliciously. Zack whistles and three giraffes gallop to where Zack indicates with his foot, one of them has a eyepatch. Zack gives one of the giraffes a meaningful look, the giraffe struts over to Tascal and kicks him in the stomach! Tascal sails threw the air and fall to the ground groaning

The seven and a half seas Part Five

white fox


Cormac searches THE MACHINE for any thing  useful, he finds a pirate’s sword, a strange looking gun and some sort of TV remote. Cormac stuffed all of this into Ide’s backpack that she had left behind. Next, Cormac sets out to find his comrades.

When Zack opens his eyes he sees Tascal asleep beside him, he gets up and looks around, Ide is sitting in the shade of a big tree with her back to him. Ide is still soaked from her swim. Ide says “oh good your awake, we need to find Cormac and Sean” “how do you suppose we do that?” asks Zack “I was thinking we search the jungle” replies Ide “what about him?” says Zack as he points at Tascal “I gave him the juice from that lemon, it put you to sleep for two hours, that should be enough time to find THE MACHINE“. Zack and Ide walk into the jungle looking for THE MACHINE.

Tascal was only faking sleep, when Ide made him drink the lemon juice he spat it out when she wasn’t looking. Tascal leans over and grabs a stick, using the stick as a cane Tascal limps into the jungle.

Cormac walks through the heavy vegatation using the sword as a machete. Cormac pushes a branch out of his way. There’s a growling sound then a white fox jumps from the underbrush. The fox is about the size of a cat, it has mouth of sharp teeth and huge ears. The fox thing hisses then runs into a bush, Cormac runs after it.The fox thing runs into a pond, dunks its head in the water and comes back with a small red fish in its mouth. Cormac tries to catch a fish by wading in the water and grabbing anything that moves, he comes out with one fish, he guts it with the sword next, he grabs some dead leaves then rubs a rock against his sword to create sparks, Soon Cormac is eating cooked fish.

Ide and Zack walk around the tree that THE MACHINE crashed into, on the other side of the huge tree lay a man in greek armour and a man with a sharp root of the huge tree through his chest! Ide runs over to Sean and shakes him in a attempt to wake him, but Sean wont wake up! Zack feels the greek soldier’s heart “he’s alive” says Zack as he hoists up the greek soldier’s limp body. Ide listens to Sean’s heart and hears nothing. The greek soldier wakes up and introduces himself “I… am Odessyus!” Odessyus looks around in horror “where have you taken me!” he demands “we didn’t take you any whe- says Ide Odessyus interrupts  ” I will attempt to retrieve your companions life from Hades if you take me back to the war of Troy before the battle ends!” before Zack can consider it Ide says “if you bring Sean back to life we will take you anywhere you want!” “awesome!” says Odessyus as he takes a pearl from his pocket and swollows it hole. Odessyus disintegrates into nothing.

The seven and a half seas Part four

When Tascal the rascal woke up he was lying face first in sand. Tascal the rascal tries to get up, but then he realized that his right leg was missing! he also noticed that his arm and shoulder were covered with shiny metal. The metal had strange red flashing buttons on it.

When Ide woke up she was two metres underwater holding a spear, luckily she was a good swimmer. Seven seconds later she’s on a island. The island has a large beach with a immense jungle.

Zack realizes he’s hanging above the ground in a tangle of vines. He looks up and he sees the biggest tree he ever saw.

Cormac wakes up underneath the couch. He sees Sean holding on to the door for dear life above a large drop on to the forest floor. Sean tries to pull himself up but then the handle  snaps! Cormac tries to grab on to Sean but its too late, Sean falls down towards the ground!

Tascal the rascal cautiously taps his new shiny arm, nothing happens, so he crawls over to a large rock and sits on it. Tascal the rascal sees a figure walk over to him. its Ide and she’s holding the greek warrior’s spear, she says “one arm shiny, one hand bandaged and missing a leg, you’ve had a ruff day haven’t you”  “yes i have, and its YOUR fault!”yells tascal the rascal yells as he lunges at Ide, Ide steps out of the way and Tascal the rascal falls on the ground with a thud!

Tascal the rascal is too big a title so for now on were gonna call him Tascal.

Cormac is finaly able to get out from under the couch. Cormac looks out the door but he cant see Sean anywhere. Cormac turns the dial to plane from clock, THE MACHINE makes a whirring sound then wings shoot out of the sides with a WHOMP!

Zack takes out his wrench and uses it to cut through the vines till  theres one left. Zack swings back and forth till he can reach a branch, the tree has bright yellow fruit hanging from branches the look like lemons but the size of watermelons. Zack pulls one off and takes a bite out of it. It tastes like honey. But then Zack gets really dizzy and he falls asleep.

Ide knocks out Tascal with the butt of her spear then she drags Tascal into the shade of a tree. Ide sees some sort of humanoid sitting on a branch high above her, she starts to climb the tree.

THE MACHINE flies out of the tree and lands in a clearing. Cormac asks the computer “where am I?” the computer replies “zzzzown unknown zzzzch ch chzz low zz low battery chzz-” the computer screen goes black.

Ide reaches the figure in the tree, but its only Zack sleeping and he has some sort of lemon in his hand. Ide shakes Zack but he wont wake up! so Ide climbs down the tree with Zack over her shoulder. Ide sets Zack down with Tascal to sleep.

I hav’nt figured out what to name this story.

I’m wearing a dark blue skirt, and a plain white T-shirt. I have strawberry blond hair and grayish blue eyes. I’m sitting on my bed in my room. Its a small room containing only me, my soft bed, a desk, a empty cupboard  and two suitcases all squeezed into this small cramped room. I hate it.



It is 6:58 I’m waiting for my dad to get out of his bed, get dressed, brush his teeth and go downstairs.

Dad’s alarm clock rings at 7:00. I hear him jump up in shock and the thump of him falling on the floor. I run through the hallway and into his bedroom. Dad is on the floor holding his alarm clock like someone about to throw a football, he’s wearing pajamas with ducks on them, he has dirty blonde hair and grayish blue eyes like mine. Dad smirks at me and says “when you were five we had to pull you off your blanket! and now that little girl sets my alarm clock!

At breakfast Dad drinks tea and toast. have cereal. “Iv’e got good news, bad news and a question” says Dad as swallows his last peice of toast. “I want good news” I say “charlotte’s invited you to her house after school, the bad news is that Mom’s flight got canceled and she will have to stay there for another two days” says Dad “Finaly! its been 8 months since iv’e seen her!” I exclaim “how come you hav’nt unpacked your suit-cases?”asks Dad “I dunno” I reply.



“Hello, I am a crumb, I used to be wonderful brownie. But you dropped me on the floor. Now I sit on the ground collecting dust. I am going to be swept up and thrown in the trash or maybe the you will suck me up into a tube then i’ll be spun to death. 


So if you see a crumb on the floor pick it up, dont wash it before you eat it because its either your happieness or its life.

The First Sea Chapter Three

Aboard the QUIET. IdeSean, Cormac and Zack were waiting their turn to walk the plank, pirates were yelling at the four agents “Go! walk the plank you landlubbers!” . Ide was thinking hard of a plan to get out this position. Cormac and Sean were trying to kick the sword out of a pirate’s hand. Zack was trying in vain to figure out where Tascal the rascal could’ve ended up.

Meanwhile, Tascal the rascal opened his eyes then closed them again. THE MACHINE was upside down and surrounded by sand. Tascal the rascal looked around the upside down craft looking for a map, instead he found a bunch of screens saying that the engines were going to be filled with sand in a moment and asking if he wanted turn on the fan to blow away the sand. Tascal the rascal pressed a button to see what it did. THE MACHINE flew forward so fast Tascal the rascal fell right through the window.


THE MACHINE can time jump, fly like a plane, swim like a submarine, drive like a car and teleport.


   Just as Sean was about to be pushed into the ocean, THE MACHINE appeared above  the QUIET, a ladder flew from the door Cormac instantly jumped, grabbed onto the ladder, Ide grabbed onto his foot and Zack got hold of Ide’s other arm. Sean wrestled the sword out of a pirates hand, jumped and grabbed onto Zack’s legs. When Zack got into THE MACHINE he noticed that the window had a hole in it “Hey, where did that come from?”  ” I’m not really sure ” replies Ide. “Hello”, whispers what looks to be a Greek soldier. Tascal the rascal is holding a spear and pointing it at the Greek soldier’s neck


Tascal the rascal climbs out of THE MACHINE’s window and onto a sandy beach. He looks around, to the west is dessert, to the south is dessert, to the east is sea and to the north is more dessert. Tascal the rascal gets back in THE MACHINE and turns a dial from clock symbol to the wing symbol then to the boat symbol THE MACHINE seems to shrink, a bunch of lights turn purple then THE MACINE rolls backwards into sea, it floats there for a minute then a steering wheel pops out where the levers and buttons once were.

  Tascal the rascal was looking through the fridge for anything that looked like it would not make him sick when he heard screaming and yelling coming from outside THE MACHINE. Then all of a sudden a arrow  with a note tied to it flies through the broken window and goes right through Tascal the rascal’s hand, he groans in agony. “What the! who shot that! ” “Can you read what the note says? ” asks Tascal the rascal “Already read it” replies the computer “What does it say? moans Tascal the rascal as he pulls the arrow out of his hand and bandages it. ” It says : surrender! ”  says the computer.

A large ship moves towards THE MACHINE .Tascal the rascal grabs a odd looking gun, puts it through the cracked window and pulls the trigger. A orange light comes out the end and hits soldier holding the steering wheel, he vanishes then reappears behind Tascal the rascal looking very shocked. The soldier turns around yells something in greek and tries to throw his spear at Tascal the rascal’s head. He ducked just in time. The spear falls to the ground, Tascal the rascal picks it up and points it at the soldier. then there is a rumbling then a click. When Tascal the rascal opens his eyes THE MACHINE is above the Quiet so he drops a rope ladder down for him to climb down but then he sees Cormac, Sean, Ide and Zack jump on to the rope ladder.

Cormac,  Zack, Ide and Sean look at the the greek soldier then to Tascal the rascal,  the Greek soldier says something in a rather worried tone. Everyone on THE MACHINE breaks into a big kerfuffle. When it’s over Cormac is on top of Tascal the rascal and trying to put a pair of handcuffs on him but the confusion he handcuffed Sean to Tascal the rascal. Ide has the spear, she tries to push the Greek soldier of THE MACHINE. Zack is trying to take THE MACHINE back home. Tascal the rascal has Zack by the leg with his free hand.

There was a loud BANG! the everything went dark.